Thursday, September 25, 2008


RIMM gets back to $100, 100% according to the regression chart.
And The regression chart says 100%, RIMM gets back to $100.
When 100? You might ask.
SOON, probably within 15 days.

John McCain is an absolute coward, now-word.
He's scared like a little baby, to go debate Obama.
That's the kind of President you want?
John McCain is YELLOW Jello.
He needs to go to that debate and take his medicine.

PX, this is three day falling knife. Today might be the day to buy, But i'll wait and see if I can get a 4 day falling knife, and then I'm in. I suppose the safe way to proceed, is to wait for the first up day, and then get in the next day.

CI, I think it will retest the 32.82 low, due to rising costs.

QQQQ's are still in a downtrend, cause the lines are in a down trend. GDP report is tomorrow 3.3%, So, I think the QQQQ goes up on FRI.
It'll have to go up 2% to get into short sell range. I'm 50/50 on whether to go long or short overnight.
$NAUD after market is going to read short sell, either today or tomorrow.
I'm inclined to wait till FRI. to start any short selling.

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