Friday, September 26, 2008

X,TRA,MOS,DE,MOO,CF,RIMM fib 61% is 71.5

OK, let me see if I have this right?
$700 Billion, going to the ex-type investment banks, ( they morphed into bankoids)
$700 billion leveraged say 8 to 1, instead of ( 20 to 1, old ways) is about 5.5 Trillion.
Here’s where you have to just follow along with me.
ONE trillion moves the market 1000 points.
At least that was in 2001 dollars. In 2008 – 2009 dollars, lets say it takes 2.5 Trillion, to move the market 1000 points.
Hmmm—I guess they want to see DOW move 2000 points__ 12,000 – 13000
I suppose the treasury will be happy if that DOW number is reached, and if the next market bottom stays above QQQQ = 39.5

This is just a loose numbers theory, I try to keep in the back of my head When trying to calculate long term market moves.
That 2.5 trillion number is probably about right.

X, there's not too much downside risk left , going long X. $81 ( 200 day weekly) is the " back the truck in" Buy signal, if X even gets that low.

TRA,MOS taking small long positions in both

DE looks fairly close to the bottom.When DE bottoms, so does MOO

CF, on the watch list, buy at 50% fib? or 61% fib.

RIMM, check yesterday's blog for another RIMM chart.

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