Friday, October 24, 2008


AA, where's the bottom? I know where the short sell price is = $16
I guess, when the next bear market (election,santa,Nov) rally starts AA will go up 95%, to $16, where it's a short.

BBY, if I knew for sure, the market wasn't going to take down BBY by 80% = 58 -(80%) = $11, instead of the historical 65%, I'd have to conclude BBY is a BUY NOW and add it to your IRA.
Do you think people will stop buying TV's 5 years from now?

If you answered NO, then go ahead and ADD BBY to your IRA.

The Federal Reserve's commercial paper facility, which becomes operational on Monday, Oct. 27, will allow highly rated companies to tap the government for three-month loans that are crucial to their daily operations. This is good news for cash-strapped companies that have been struggling for more than a month to find financing for longer than just one day.

The Federal Reserve reported late Thursday that banks' excess reserves more than doubled in the two weeks ended Wednesday to $282 billion from $136 billion in the two-week period ended Oct. 8. That is up from $68.8 billion in the period ended Sept. 24, and up from $2.3 billion in the period ended Sept. 10.

GE, 20% to the upside from here?



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