Thursday, October 23, 2008


INTC, trading at 11X earnings. At 12.60 that's 10X earnings, My goodness, Warren Buffet could buy this company at these prices.
INTC pays a 4% dividend at these prices. You know INTC will be $30 again. Get this for you IRA.

IWM gets down to $46-46.5, go long. 46 is 2swtrading's 100% go long signal.
well, I hope the stocks I went long on WFR,INTC,NEM are green in what looks like a sea of red coming on FRI.

Frankfurt overnight is suggesting the dow could finish down 5%. FRI looks pretty bad.


KSS, $27 support?
I can see it reaching 30.5 again. So, I have the short term exit price, just don't know the entry price.

I'm having to look up more and more 6 year charts. RIMM is $45. I thought RIMM could at least hold $50. So, I missed that by 10%.
WFR--I thought that could hold $19, now its at $17 or approx 4x earnings.
My point is, I better keep using 3% stop losses.

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