Friday, October 31, 2008


WMT, winner, now trying to make it another winner, Monday, Tues, is some bad economic news Home constuction and then this week same store sales, so I'm waiting for any dip and then go long.

VIX and FIB, I've back tested this for two years and VIX and FIB never work. So. when you see the VIX approaching the FIB line, Just ignore the FIB signal


UNP is very dependent on shipping containers. If you look at some of the shipping companies, I don't think they are bringing that many imports in. That's a perfect excuse, whether true or not, for the Market to punish UNP at it's 200 day.

I'm only the 18th person to watch this. You can be #19___or not__-I could care less.

SPY with Buffy

Another week ahead of bad news. I guess the market could just ignore it, like it did this week.

SPY, Well At least I know where all the FIB lines are. Didn't have this info yesterday.

KSS, does all the different colors in the charts confuse of help you?
Should I go strictly to BLACK? Like other bloggers?

OCT's finally over. 11 losses and 45 wins.


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