Thursday, October 30, 2008


TOL, I guess if XLB, (BOOM,WIRE,FAST, etc) are going higher, then maybe TOL goes Higher than the 200 day.
Go short TOL 22 and set up a 5% stop, if TOL even gets to 22



XOM, if any stock out there is going to make it back to it's 200 day, How about the most profitable company in history!!!
In the meantime, XOM is a short at it's 100 day until otherwise.

After I made +5 on MY TGT short, I was surprised to see RTH lagging. ( lagging means it hasn't caught up with whatever is wrong with TGT)

HPQ, I really think HPQ could drag down the QQQQ's on Friday, if indeed HPQ fails at that gap test.

MON, just looks like the right place to go short

UNG, best price might be on FRI, I hope to get in if UNG is down tomorrow

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