Tuesday, November 25, 2008


APC, this is a tough call. Short at $41, knowing full well EOG might make $90. Or play it safe and wait for $47-$50 area.
APC is a tough stock to short, and there's been many a time when I entered too early. UNG is set to DEC rally of $26 support---It just seems like $41 attempt is just doomed to failure. We'll see.


CECO is one of my flagship education stocks. I use it to determine the strength of the other education stocks. ( UTI,DV,APOL,STRA,etc) When CECO or COCO are close to a top, the other education stocks become shortable as well.
See a chart of UTI. You might like to short sell that one too!!!
Downside is, the market starts handing out new yearly highs on a plethora of stocks, ( doubtful)

CECO DEC ITM,ATM,OTM Strikes all working. Just remember though, OTM and ATM lose 15% of their value due to weekend time. T4-1 = T3 lose 15% on the weekly changeover.

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