Monday, November 24, 2008

D,NEM,IYF,HAL unirversal chart for OIH stocks

only been on twitter for 5 days and already 40 of the top internet traders are following yours truly---How the heck did they find me?


New traders should only trade Utility companies and telecoms.
These stocks have some of the most stable price channels out of all the stocks in the stock market.
What's wrong with new traders? They like the glitz and glam of RIMM and AAPL and then they get killed and they never come back.
30% of my portfolio is weighted in these boring utility and telecom stocks.

I think OBAMA gives another speech on Tuesday--Market sentiment sure does like his speeches--I think he's going to delay the tax break for the ultra rich. DOW +400 again?

IYF,long or short? Market sentiment says to go long. Logic says to short---So, I went net 60% logic---I'm short net 60% and long net 40%


On Friday I was 60% net short the portfolio, needless to say all my Shorts were stop lossed opening bell. The Longs did really really well---(Short SRS--long IYR) helped to more than offset this mornings losing trades--Right now I'm 80% net short---but I think I will add a couple of more long positions, just in case Tuesday is another up day. The market is coming from quite oversold conditions, and 4 up days in a row wouldn't surprise me.

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