Wednesday, October 08, 2008

MO,SLX,OIH group

MO, 17's looks like a winning entry, sell $19 or $21
BUY the DEC 15 calls try to get them for 2.90 /3.20

SLX, I think today's low was the Oct low. If that's so, then XLB, and chemical probably bottomed today.
In any case, SLX chart shows definable short term target prices. (45 - 50)
SLX Options are goofy, ( They will have to add ITM option strikes 30-34, next few days)

so Buy a steel stock deep in the money option call, example ( X NOV 35 calls for $14.00 is probably a good entry price, if you can get that again. OR X JAN 35 call for 19.50

OIH stocks put in the OCT low. If I see any repeats, I'm buying.
Hey how about X?
touched $45, just like the chart said it would and then went to $55. Hope you caught that one. 22% gain in one day___that's what this blog does day in and day out.

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