Tuesday, October 07, 2008

WFR,DIA,IYT,X, marks the spot

WFR this is a potential 50% gain. WOW---nice
FRO, that's about a 35% dividend at this price.
OIL co's sure pay out BIG. I guess someone like me, has to tell you about it.

Here's a chart from 3 weeks ago, and then there's today's chart DIA.
This blog has charts that are three weeks old, that are still relevant today.
How about that.
Maybe I'll go find some from 2 month's ago, and show you those___
I'm always thinking two and three month's ahead, so why shouldn't there be stuff two and three month's ago, where the stock is finally just now, getting to my target.

IYT looks like support is coming really really soon.

X, buying X ahead of AA earnings. AA reports in AH. I think all AA has to do is report IN-LINE and they will be up 10%

QQQQ hit my 32.5 target, SPY still didn't hit my 950 target, but that's a guest-imate
DOW, market is overdue for an up day. 6 day falling knife. 7 day falling knife is rare.
$NAUD , must be off the chart saying to go long on overnight.
$VIX dropped today, could drop some more tomorrow.
IWM at RSI 27, might bounce off that, but then again, not many companies bounce, once they go under RSI 30, but this is the IWM, ( I'll make an exception)
Only risking 3% of the portfolio long.

BIG HUGE RELIEF RALLY only 6 to 8 days away. maybe even a little sooner?

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